Services - Dunrite Air Conditioning
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Electric or Gas, Heat Pumps, Furnace Repair, Heater Repair, Water Heater Services, Tune-Ups, Maintenance=, Thermostat Services, Humidifiers, Baseboard Heating, Filter Replacement, Emergency Services


Maintaining your air conditioning unit is of vital importance in the cruel summer temperatures that are routinely record here in Arizona. Scheduling an A/C Service or Repair call with our Service Center will ensure that your cooling system functions in ideal condition throughout the sweltering summer months and maintains your home, family and pets in appropriate cooling.


When it come to Plumbing, Dunrite Air Conditioning and Plumbing the Valley’s premier contracting service. From drain cleaning to new plumbing system installations, our experienced team is prepared to help you get the job DUNRITE quickly and at a FAIR PRICE!