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At DunriteAC, we are sure to  handle all of your HVAC needs. Arizona is a very hot state to live in, but we often forget how COLD it gets in the winter. People in Arizona are used to the warm climate, and having proper heating in the winter months is something we can definitely help with.


A working Air Conditioner  in Arizona is an absolute must! But having it work and having it be efficient are two different things. We can get your Broken AC working, or your working AC efficient, saving  you time and money, while ensuring you to be cool & comfortable. “Service DUNRITE at fair price”


HVAC is a well understood service provided around the valley, however, DID YOU KNOW that here at DunriteAC we can also service your plumbing! Plumbing is a very common fix whenever we are handling HVAC, but we also service plumbing issues themselves. Broken pipes, leaks, and more!

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